Fairfax Avenue

In the 2000s the two blocks of North Fairfax Avenue between Oakwood and Clinton in Los Angeles became the center of streetwear.  In 2004 Supreme, an underground skate brand, was looking to open a flagship store on the West Coast.  Supreme ended up opening a store on North Fairfax Avenue, part of a Los Angeles neighborhood known for businesses that served its mostly Jewish community.  Once Supreme had moved onto the street many of the most popular streetwear brands at the time moved to the same area of Fairfax Avenue.  The stores included The Hundreds, HLZBLZ, Crooks & Castles, Diamond Supply Co., Huf, Hall of Fame, and Alife.  By the late 2000s, Fairfax attracted those interested in skateboarding, hip hop, or street culture. Lineups for product releases became common.  The brands threw block parties.  Many music and youtube videos were filmed in the area.  

Today this area of North Fairfax Avenue is like an outdoor mall and some of the original streetwear stores have closed or moved such as Supreme this Spring. What will happen to this part of North Fairfax Avenue now?